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The U.S. Open Is Open For Business

You were probably hoping that following the U.S. Open online would be a nice distraction from work today, but they just suspended play due to heavy rain. Hey, who wants to hear Tiger Woods cuss on teevee?

One question though, before we get to that: Does the guy who yells "Get in the hole!" when someone is teeing off on a par five still think they're being clever? Do they also enjoy being the guy who yells "Freebird!" at every single rock show they've attended since 1986? I think that stopped being funny ... well, immediately.


Play will probably resume later today, (UPDATE: No more golf today. See you Friday at 7:30 a.m.) but when you have to squeegee the greens, that's not exactly championship caliber conditions. It's pretty miserable out on Long Island. Plus, it's raining! HA! See, what I did there? Seriously, though. Stay inside today.

Oh, right. The cussin'. Where's the adorable Jonathan Lipnicki when you need him?

Live Scoreboard [US Open]
[Video via ESPN]

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