The U.S. Ran The Most Of Any Team At The World Cup

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USA players covered an average of 77.17 miles per match over their four matches at the World Cup. That's more per match than any other nation, which is something to be proud of, right?

(I'm not actually sure about that, because though Germany was second, there doesn't appear to be a strong correlation between distance covered and team success.)


FIFA makes a ton of stats, including total distance covered, available on each team's page. At Business Insider today, Emmett Knowlton divides each country's raw distance by matches played and ranks them. It doesn't take into account extra time, but it's fun to look at. The Top 10:

  1. USA — 77.17 miles per game
  2. Germany — 75.12 miles per game
  3. Chile — 74.75 miles per game
  4. Costa Rica — 74.14 miles per game
  5. Switzerland — 73.46 miles per game
  6. Australia — 73.38 miles per game
  7. Netherlands — 75.34 miles per game
  8. Argentina — 72.9 miles per game
  9. Russia — 71.79 miles per game
  10. Algeria — 71.76 miles per game

The U.S.'s mobility isn't a huge surprise. Through the group stages, Michael Bradley had covered 23.6 miles on his own, the most of anyone in the tournament. (Thomas Müller ended up taking the World Cup's golden pedometer, running 51.2 miles in seven matches.)


Head over to Business Insider to see how all 32 teams ranked.