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If you're like me, your social and political outlook is heavily influenced by blogs written by former pro wrestlers. You may or may not remember The Ultimate Warrior (aka Brian James Hellwig), who retired from the WWF in 1997 after a contract dispute. To let you know what kind of guy we're dealing with here, just know that, about 12 years ago, he legally changed his name to "Warrior." He's a "motivational speaker" now, and has a blog, called Warrior's Machete. His latest entry? A rather deranged rant aimed at the late Heath Ledger. Enjoy.

By today's standard, though, I do have to agree that he was a great father. Perhaps even greater then the father of the year, Hulk Hogan. After all, Leather Hedger did what it took to kill himself. His kid is without a father, yes, but the negative influence is now removed and his own child has the chance for a full recovery.

Wow. The anti-gay screed blasts Ledger for his role in Brokeback Mountain, and no matter how you tilt the monitor it just reads like 700 words of crazy. And believe me, The Ultimate Warrior knows crazy. Just look at this Wikipedia entry about the final issue of his short-lived comic book from the late '90s, entitled Warrior:

Inexplicably, Warrior attacks the North Pole, usurps Santa Claus' authority over the elves, and in the final frame, which gained the comic its enduring popularity, a sweaty Warrior forces Santa into bondage gear and poses beside him. The apparent sexual undertones, lack of an actual plot, and non-sequiter nature (nothing from the previous issue served to segue into the Santa attack issue) gained the comic cult popularity, especially on the internet. Though nothing sexually explicit is depicted in the comic, some fans have come to describe it as the "Santa rape" issue.

No, that's not gay at all.

If you don't need a motivational speaker, I hear that he's also available for children's parties.


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