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The VCU Band Director Is Just As Buoyant In The Wild As He Is At The Games

A dedicated Deadspin reader, known around here as Malik Sealy Dirt Mattress, made it to San Antonio this weekend to see the finale to the Southwest Regional. Out on Saturday night, he and a friend spotted somewhat known-person Ryan Kopacsi, the gyrating director of the VCU pep band and — as Out Sports carefully documented (NSFW) — a former male underwear model. Mr. DirtyMattress shares his story below [sic'd]:

We were at the famous Dirty Nelly's for Guinness' when we decided to rip some nightcap shots at this bar: The Republic of Texas. We walk in and the dance floor is pretty active - with VCU pep band kids. My friend and I recognized this character right away and the first pic I snapped of him was the hilarious mid fist pump (is it still 2009?) He was holding a beer - pretty sure Tecate and seemed pretty lit... I guess as goofy as he is, he wasn't half the mouth-breathing animals the actual band members were. VCU's fans as a whole were pretty, uh, eclectic - but I'll take eclectic over smarmy entitled Kansas fans.

An open see-through shirt, a Tecate, and a fist-pump. The legend of Ryan Kopacsi begins and ends here.


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