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The Very Best Of Serena Williams Karaoke

Serena Williams loves karaoke. No, scratch that. She looooooves karaoke. She will throw down, any time or any place. She will groove to the music in between stanzas. She will belt out every single word and doesn't care if you film her because she is having a damn good time and don't you wish you were as alive as she is on stage.

Now, we have the Serena Williams karaoke collection.

We'll start with the video above, Williams's take on the Marilyn Monroe classic "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" performed at a recent karaoke event in New York City. Don't be fooled by her charm and ease. Williams nails it because she's been working on her karaoke game for years.


Williams will work solo or with friends. Here she is with Victoria Azarenka and Redfoo performing "Party Rock Anthem."

OK, that was an easy one, but Williams is a karaoke vet. Check out her skills on display in this rendition of Bon Jovi's "Always." Williams is on her knees, pouring over the microphone, gushing with emotion during the big chorus. Williams is so focused, she doesn't seem to notice the guy saying, "This is the raddest thing I've seen in, like, a month."

Like in tennis, Williams brings it all to her karaoke game.

Williams doesn't just go for the obvious songs. Like a seasoned vet, she thinks about her karaoke choices.


"The thing about karaoke is picking a song that works for your voice," she told The Associated Press, "that way if you sing like a cat—like I do—you can still sound pretty good."

Perhaps that factored into her choice of Macy Gray's "I Try" when singing with Martina Hingis.

But no karaoke canon is complete without "I Will Survive." It is the ultimate test of karaoke warriors' merits. Can they put their own take on the classic? Williams does not disappoint.

Now, it all makes sense. Of course it was Williams who partied with Caroline Wozniacki soon after Rory McIlroy called off the engagement. She knows we've all only got one life and, damn, is she living it.

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