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Screenshot: Instagram

All right-thinking people on this planet and any others want to see Vladimir Guerrero Jr., who does very rude things to baseballs in very loud ways, called up to the majors as soon as possible. So you can imagine the excitement that was generated when Young Vlad posted this photo on Instagram:


The cause for alarm here is that the Toronto Blue Jays play the Mets in New York tomorrow, and that Vlad tagged his photo to JFK airport. The internet asked as one, in its giddy silent shriek way, Has he been called up???

Ah, but wait, Vlad posted the exact same photo back in December:

Ah, BUT WAIT, are they the exact same photo??


Are you ready for the plot to get impossibly thick? Well, Vlad seems to have now deleted the Instagram post that started all of this.

I hope you enjoyed this short and pointless journey, and I also hope the Jays just get their shit together and call him up already!

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