The Video That This Phillies Fan Made May Be The Strangest Fan Video You'll Ever See

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When tipster Kevin W. sent in this video of a Phillies fan's interpretation of, Christ, who knows what this is except "JGarzzle."

Big Philly Fan is hyped about the Phillies right now. Here's a music video parody that shows my love for them. Also welcome back the Hat.

I'm also referencing other Phillies fans in my video. In no way am I trying to steal their thunder, so don't call me a copier.

Oh, don't worry, guy; those other fans will probably be just fine with the thunder theft. Side note: JGarzzle's also done Eagles and Flyers videos.

Anyway, the tipster drew a comparison between this and Big Yankee Fan Michael LaPayower's œuvre, but "I think this kid might have him beat." That's up for debate.


Here's what LaPayower thought of JGarzzle's work:

First off, I'm impressed with JGarzzle's editing of the video. You can actually tell he did put some time and effort into making this video. He did show enthusiasm for the Phillies.

The best part of the video was at the two minute mark, where he tells the Criminals to get the F out of Philly.

I wasn't impressed with his lack of fan clothing. Just a Philly Ringer t-shirt and a hat, I didn't get what his second outfit was all about. He should have worn a jersey or something else with a Philly logo on it.

Playoffs are coming up. I guess I should make a new video. Big Philly Fan inspired me.

Big Philly Fan: Phillies On The Floor (J. Lo Parody) [YouTube]