The Vikings Are Making Josh Allen Look Like Superman

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Rookie QB Josh Allen and the Bills are just inexplicably and completely picking apart the Minnesota Vikings in their game so far this afternoon, jumping out to a 24-0 lead after just one quarter and change.

The Buffalo defense, which has forced two Kirk Cousins fumbles in his own territory, deserves plenty of credit for the hot start. But Allen has been a destructive force in just his third career game. While 123 yards passing, 23 yards running, and three total touchdowns are certainly impressive early on, his best highlight so far is this potentially ill-advised but still heroic hurdle on a third-down scramble, which had Anthony Barr clutching air.


Allen showed his ability to leap tall defenders in a single bound at the conclusion of the drive, too, going over the top and into the end zone on fourth-and-goal.


The Vikings have learned that you can’t miss a dramatic field goal if you spend the whole game down double digits. Genius.