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The Washington Wizards Are In A Bad Place Right Now

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The Wizards are playing like a big pile of dog poop this season, and they delivered their most nauseating performance of the year tonight against the Sixers. Philadelphia didn’t even have their talismanic center Joel Embiid, but they shot 54.5 percent against the Wizards tonight and beat them for just their second win of the season.

What went wrong? Let’s see what John Wall thinks:

“Everything. To be honest, it’s like everything went wrong,” Wall said. “They were scoring at will. Whoever they put out there.”


And you, Scott Brooks?

“There was about a 12-minute period,” observed Coach Scott Brooks, “where we showed no resistance and it’s unacceptable.”

And you, sniveling simulacrum of every Wizards fan?


The Wizards suck and I hope John Wall tastes postseason success someday.

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