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The Way You Tuck Your Shirt ...

Fascinating column in the New York Daily News from Mitch Lawrence today, discussing some of the extreme measures David Stern and the NBA are undertaking to make sure all the new behavioral rules and dress codes are being adhered to. It's an eye opener. Our favorite part:

When the Knicks played the Wizards at the Garden last night, there was a newly assigned official who was at the arena for the expressed purpose of watching for players pulling their jerseys out of their pants when they came out of the game. As of this season, that move is illegal and subject to fines. Those same set of eyes were looking for players wearing rubber bands with their names on them. Anyone caught displaying those would be subject to a call from the league, with a warning to stop. That same spy was busy during the playing of "The Star-Spangled Banner," watching for players chewing gum and shifting as they stood in line, which have been outlawed.


We desperately wish we could have seen the ad for the Guy Who Watches Each Player's Pantsline position; do you think he and the Gum Watchdog occasionally trade shifts?

Players Crying Foul [New York Daily News]

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