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We've been trying to get our minds around this whole Maurice Clarett story since we heard about it, but it's almost too confusing for us to keep up with. To recap:

On Sunday, Columbus police filed a warrant for Clarett's arrest after he allegedly showed a gun and robbed two people of a cellphone outside a bar called "the Opium Lounge." Then it appeared that Clarett was on the run. Then it appeared that maybe they had the wrong guy after all. And then, right after Ohio State's win last night, Clarett turned himself in. He's now facing two felony charges with potential sentences as long as 20 years in prison. He is probably being arraigned this very second; his lawyers have said he will plead not guilty.

This whole story, we'll be honest, sounds fishy to us. We know Clarett has had his problems ... but waving a gun outside a bar to steal a cellphone when everyone one in town knows who you are? That's not the time of crime that signals violent intent; that's the kind that signals mental illness.

Clarett Turns Himself In [Columbus 10]