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The "What Time Is The Super Bowl" SEO-Whoring Is Especially Sad This Year

The Huffington Post mastered the science of gaming Google two years ago, with a post headlined simply: "What Time Does The Superbowl Start?" It contained nothing but the date and time of the Super Bowl. The concept was often imitated, but never duplicated.


It might be a lost art. Searches today for "What time is the Super Bowl" or "When is the Super Bowl" turn up a scant few results, and only from obscure sites. The surest way to garner quick traffic appears to have been muscled out of existence by the league itself, which never saw a good idea it couldn't co-opt. The top Google result for "What time is the Super Bowl" is a special page at, containing that exact information. You can't beat the NFL, and it seems nobody's trying.

There are two notable exceptions. One is this page, It has an incorrect start time for the Super Bowl.


Then there's this Bleacher Report article, titled "Super Bowl Start Time 2013." It does not contain the Super Bowl start time. (Update: They just added the start time. Here's what it looked like before.)

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