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The Wii Will Get You Bombed

We are through the looking glass, people: White is black, black is white, tall is short and people are wearing shoes as protective cups: They've come up with beer pong for the Wii.

Because, seriously, setting up the table and those cups has always been so damned exhausting.

Video game publisher Midway has a new game coming out for the Wii system. "Party Game" will consist of several games including shuffleboard, darts, and ski ball, but the game that will take over college campuses this fall is Wii beer pong. Or Wii Beirut. Or "Ping Cup" as Midway refers to it:

The object of ping cup is to use the Wii remote to throw a ping-pong ball at a pyramid of cups.


Now, if they can just get that thing set up with an IV, we'll be all set.

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