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The Wilson Ramos Rescue Featured A Gunfight In The Mountains

Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos was rescued last night and that is a very good thing. An even better thing? The rescue involved "Venezuelan police commandos" engaged in a "hair-raising" gunfight with his captors in a remote mountainous area.

The New York Times reports that an admittedly still nervous Ramos thanked the "commandos who rescued him, saying, 'The boys did a great job.'" Ramos said that he did not know the men who kidnapped him but he knew they were "Colombians by their accents." Five arrests were made including a Colombian "linked to paramilitary groups and to kidnapping groups."


Ramos is looking forward to getting back to playing, but he's going to take it slow. "'As soon as I feel all right, I'm going to start playing,' Ramos said. 'They didn't physically harm me, but psychologically I underwent very great harm.'" I should say so. Although, being in your very own episode of The A-Team would be pretty cool. Or would it be The AAAA-Team?

In Venezuela, Gunfight Preceded Rescue of Ramos [New York Times]

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