This picture kind of sums up why the NBA Finals, after the brief hope of LeBron's ascension, has become a must-miss: People flailing around, grabbing each other, and the Spurs efficiently cruising along. Last night was closer, we suppose, but we just can't fire ourselves up that much for an NBA Finals game that ends 75-72.

At his point, we can only prepare to congratulate the Spurs and watch how LeBron is planting seeds for the next time he goes to the Finals. For example, that non-foul call at the end.

Big no-call, and no Cavalier complaints about it. What I like about it is that it's a long-term play. I'm a never-say-die guy, but I'm sure just about everyone agrees that this series is over. And the way the Cavaliers are playing it is by carrying forth a certain ethic. A way of doing business. That's about much more than Game 3, Game 4, or even this whole NBA Finals. That's about who LeBron James is, who the Cavaliers are, and what all that means for many years to come.

A 22-year-old superstar who has plans to be back many times. Maybe it pays off next game. Maybe it pays off next year. Maybe it pays off next decade. Until further notice, however, that's how it's going to be, and I like it.

Maybe LeBron is just planning for a title down the line ... but that doesn't make this Finals any more compelling. At least LeBron won't have to miss the birth of his child.

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