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The World Is Clearly Not Ready For Justin Gimelstob

Jewish tennis fiend Justin Gimelstob caused a stir with his sexist, provocative, "hateful" comments about Anna Kournikova and other plump-chassis'd ladies of the WTA and has apologized. Gimelstob, who was first featured on this site a couple weeks ago after the Mighty Dan Steinberg interviewed the hirsute former yellow ball-whacker, has been hearing it from everyone, including Serena Williams (his teammate on the Washington Kastles) who came to the defense of Kournikova and all ladies who've been terrorized by Gimelstob's mouthiness.

"Being pro women's rights, I just think we've come farther than to be referred to ... you know, I don't cuss," [Williams] said Friday, during her post-match press conference. "Anna is a great girl. For anyone to say that about her is kind of ... what can I say? It's not professional."


In addition to his apology, Gimelstob also made a donation to the Women's Sports Foundation to show sporty women all over the world that he's just playin' when he calls them "bitches" or comments on how built they are. In a stunning twist of comeuppance which seems highly appropriate at this time, I received an email the day of Deadspin's original Gimelstob post which I found enlightening. (Sic, throughout, please):

Hey AJ,

Who else can I tell this to? I am, and have been, fucking Justin Gimelstob's first cousin for 5 years. She's a freak. We've been fuck buddies the whole time, and she likes to fly me to her for weekends of debauchery. They are related through Herb Gimelstob, a man so rich Donald Trump said of him, "This is one of the richest fucking Jews in Florida" and that's saying something. AJ, I'm not sure of what use this data is to you, but I think its hilarious. Let me emphasize, this chick is a FREAK (in a Jewish Princess sort of way).

I encourage this individual to make a donation and apologize for his derogatory remarks about Mr. Gimelstob's cousin as soon as possible. It's only fair.

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