The World's Craziest Home Run Derby Was A Rousing Success [UPDATE]

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We gave you fair warning about the world's weirdest Home Run Derby a few days ago, the one with the on-field party, live entertainment, and trampoline in left field, among other attractions. Well, lest you think that was all just bluster and hype, here's a photo of Ryan Petzar of 97.3 ESPN Radio trying out the trampoline while Reading Phillies catcher Sebastian Valle, who's hit a whopping one nine home runs this season, took his swings.


If nothing else, the photo helpfully illustrates two of the ways minor league baseball helps make this country so great: people roaming the field in weird bodysuits and some dude trying to catch a fly ball while bouncing on a trampoline. If Bud Selig is smart, we'll see this implemented at Citi Field next July.

UPDATE: We've got some video of what went down during the hitting challenge when the Reading Phillies' Crazy Hot Dog Vendor took a few cuts. Yeah, MLB could learn something from these guys. (Thanks Daniel S.!)