The Wrong Way To Impersonate A Blue Jay

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Last night, after the A's victory over the Blue Jays, a fan ran on the field. This will happen from time to time, of course, particularly at the end of a game, after a few Molsons. But see, this fan, he had a special trick in mind: He would be wearing a Blue Jays jersey.

See, he would blend in by wearing the Blue Jays jersey, baseball pants and even stirrups. So he made it over the railing and onto the field ... but he didn't make it very far.

The plan, apparently, was to sneak into the Blue Jays dugout, but the cops grabbed him before he had a chance. (Look at those cute little cops there, by the way, with their red-striped hats. Canadians are so cute.) We feel bad for the guy; he didn't even get a chance to have Jay John Gibbons punch him in the face.


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