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The Yankees Aren't Homering, And That Makes John Sterling Sad

The feeble Yankees offense has been rough on everyone, but no one more so than radio play-by-play man and walking catchphrase John Sterling. When you make your bones with a series of silly home run calls, a lack of home runs can have you questioning your purpose on this earth.

The Wall Street Journal caught up with Sterling to ask him how he's handling the Yankees' power outage. The answer: not well.

"It's certainly odd now. It's like laughing on the outside, crying on the inside," Sterling said, admitting that players and coaches rib him about it regularly.

"On the plane back from Texas, I was walking up the aisle, and [hitting coach] Kevin Long said to me, 'Hey John, how's your home-run calls?'"

Sterling shrugged.

"But yes, of course, I miss doing them," he said.

We remind you that John Sterling already leads a depressing, solitary existence. If the Grandyman Can't anytime soon, Sterling may just lie down on the Major Deegan.


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