So, the next few will be chock full of end-of-year retrospectives. We'll do our own as well. Today: Deadspin out-and-aboutism.

I believe the first Deadspin field trip on this site was to a live broadcast of Stephen A. Smith's "Quite Frankly" (RIP). The concept is simple: go outside, typist. Unlike the ones we would all attend as elementary school kids to planetariums, these trips don't require permission slips from parents or getting tagged with a special pin if you have head lice. 2008, was a year of many outside adventures. Some show how far Deadspin's access has evolved since the early days. Other times, not so much.

• There were dog shows.


• Oh, and there were cat shows.

• 2-on-2 with Oak and Charles Smith at MSG.


• ESPN extended me an invite to watch their MNF crew assimilate with the masses.

• I went cavorting with Linda Cohn.


• Rick attempts to solve the riddle of the A-11 offense up close and personal.

• Oh, there was a strip club outing because there are worst ways to blow through your last month of "business expenses."


• And sometimes nights like this are just too much for a young boy from Mattoon.