The Zombie Pelicans Will Cross Their Fingers And Allow Anthony Davis To Play Out The Season

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Having used these last few weeks for nothing more productive than shedding salary and spiting the Lakers, and having sagged now to 13th place in the Western Conference standings, the Pelicans have announced their decision to return Anthony Davis to their rotation for the rest of this lost and wasted season, for as long as he is healthy.

To be clear, the Pelicans absolutely do not look forward to seeing Davis in a Pelicans uniform again, given his injury history and the gamble the team already took by electing to wait until the summer to execute a trade. But the league office was reportedly concernedabout the possibility of a healthy star being forced to sit out in this situation,” and Davis apparently wants to play, and so here we are. As much fun as it will be to watch Davis play 27 more games this season, it sure would’ve been better to watch him play them for a team that deserves him.