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Theismann-Kimmel, BFF

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Speaking of MNF ... We can't say our mouths were necessarily watering over a potential Jimmy Kimmel-Joe Theismann feud, but breathe easy, America: Theismann's not mad about Kimmel's crack about him on "Monday Night Football."

Yeah, these two kids are all buddy-buddy now.

Upon talking to Theismann, Kimmel clarified his Monday night crack: "I was not making fun of Joe Theismann. I was just making everyone else in the booth uncomfortable."

Theismann admitted he was watching "CSI" at the time of the controversial quip, but said he got a chuckle of it when he heard about it afterwards. Joe also made a correction to Kimmel's comment, saying, "The steam was coming out of my nose, not my ears."


See, now there's something else they have in common: They both made everyone uncomfortable while in the "Monday Night Football" booth. Maybe Kimmel can use Theismann has a strike-breaking writer. Sure, Theismann didn't cross the picket line during the NFL strike, but hey: Times is tough.

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