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There Is A Pau Gasol Impersonator For Hire At A Bargain $600 Per Hour

We give you Michael Fanter, a guy who has kind of made a name for himself by kind of looking like Pau Gasol.

According to his fairly exhaustive website, Fanter first dreamed up his impersonating career when he attended a Lakers game in a Gasol jersey. The fan response was overwhelming. He took pictures with probably bored Lakers fans and signed autographs. He fooled Rick Fox, Norm Nixon, Bill McDonald, and Stu Lantz. Stu Lantz, guys! Fanter-Gasol is the real deal. Take, for example, this gripping testimonial from last year's championship parade [sic'd]:

In the Coliseum, almost front row, Pau Gasol was in the middle of his speech; Michael caught a TV camera getting ready to pan over to him. Michaels reaction was to stand up, next thing he saw was himself larger than life on the jumbo tron. His covert plan of calling in sick was blown wide open when blatantly seen the next day on live TV by his boss! She was pretty mad. Michael thought it was hilarious; it was something straight out of a sitcom!


Yes, get this man a sitcom. It can't be worse than Cowherd's. If having a person who kind of resembles a kind of famous international basketball star at your corporate event is something you're interested in, you can book Fanter by email or phone. I called yesterday to get the rate for "my 15-year-old daughter's birthday," and Fanter's spokesperson offered a "sweet deal" of $600 for just under an hour — the going rate, she claims, is $1,500 for an appearance. "He can sneak in through the back yard and surprise everyone!" she suggested. I told her I'd think about it.

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