The MAC nursed a Halloween hangover and showed up to work dressed in a defense-phobic WAC costume as Northern Illinois beat Toledo last night 63-60, the highest-scoring regulation game in conference history. It was a score more familiar to NBA fans, watching because there were no NBA games on the night that sport's season was once scheduled to begin, and one topped off by Huskie Perez Ashford's four-yard touchdown catch with 19 seconds left.

It was a nightmare for both teams' defensive coordinators and Toledo's special teams coach. It also broke ESPN's Drive Summary chart for the game. NIU kick returner Tommylee Lewis returned the first two Toledo kickoffs for touchdowns (tying the NCAA record), Toledo QB Austin Dantin connected with Eric Page for five touchdowns and the teams combined for more than 1,100 yards of offense, which miraculously is still less than Kansas' defense allows per game.