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The Washington Wizards lost to the San Antonio Spurs tonight and are now 0-12 on the season. John Wall remains injured but it looks like he has a plan. Or he's falling asleep. Either way.

TNT, meanwhile, continues to razz the shit out of Washington, comparing them to the Washington Generals. It involves singing and reciting names—something they've done before.

"C'mon man," Barkley said. "The Washington Generals. C'mon. You want to call them, Bullets, Wizards. I call ‘em the Washington Generals….Hey, that's my man Meadowlark Lemon out there. C'mon man."


It's almost impossible to think things could get worse, but you never really know do you? And it's no use looking to the upcoming schedule (though it includes the Knicks and Heat upcoming) because you are literally the worst team in the league—there are no "fatten up" portions to the schedule when you are a Washington Wizard.

There is a silver lining, though, Wizards: it's never really water in the bucket—just confetti.

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TNT crew compares Wizards to Generals, again [WaPo]

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