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There Is Something Fishy About Eric Gordon's Knee Injury

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Earlier today, the New Orleans Hornets announced that all-star shooting guard Eric Gordon will be out indefinitely with a knee injury. Gordon has been dealing with pain in his right knee since having arthroscopic surgery on it back in February. Knees can be fickle, and the announcement that Gordon will be out for a prolonged period of time isn't all that odd.

What is odd, however, is how Hornets coach Monty Williams and GM Dell Demps are talking about the injury. From the Times-Picayune:

"He's processing some information right now and he doesn't have any comment," Demps said, without discussing just what that information was. "We don't have any comment right now. We're processing information and we will, at the appropriate time, give a statement."


"I've checked with Doc," Williams said, "but for him to explain to me what's going on with his body and then have Eric feel a certain way doesn't matter. You know what I'm saying? If Doc says one thing and the guy is feeling another, then you have to … what am I supposed to say?


What they seem to implying is that Gordon has been cleared to play by team doctors but is deciding to sit out for reasons that aren't quite clear. Remember, Gordon was not shy about expressing his displeasure at the Hornets' decision to match his offer sheet from the Suns. This could get ugly.


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