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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled There Was A Bona Fide Streaker At Tonights Phillies-Cardinals Game [UPDATE]

Here is an outstanding photo from AP photojournalist Jeff Roberson highlighting the streaker that ran about the field at Busch Stadium before the seventh inning of tonight's Phillies-Cardinals clash. Reports from fans on the scene say the gentleman received quite a throttling by St. Louis' finest, but we're still waiting for decent video. Have any? Let us know.

Update (11:13 p.m.): Craig Esherick's Mustache notes the man has a tattoo reading "Hakuna Matata."

Update 2 (11:54 p.m.): Video! (It's from Bryan U.)

Update 3 (12:48 a.m.): Here's video from John A. of the streaker getting bodyslammed:

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