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There's No Violence In Boxing

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Nothing epitomizes the spirit of Christmas like going to a movie and starting a brawl, and that's exactly what a bunch of people in Chicago did last night. Six adult men, three juveniles and one adult woman were arrested in separate instances of violence in three Windy City movie theaters. Here's what Chicago Police spokeswoman Kristina Schuler had to say:

Schuler noted that sometimes movies with violent themes, which are popular with gang members, cause trouble at theaters. Schuler did not believe any such movies were playing Monday night.

At the AMC Ford City Theater, 7600 S. Cicero Ave., for instance, the movies being shown Monday night included "Dreamgirls," "The Pursuit of Happyness," "Rocky Balboa" and "The Nativity Story."


Nope, nothing violent about "Rocky Balboa." I mean, other than two guys punching each other, doing exactly what people were arrested for doing right after walking out of the theater.

Fights Break Out At Chicago Movie Theaters [NBC-5 Chicago]

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