When a foul ball settles in a hard-to-reach spot and is beset upon by more than one fan, bad things usually happen. Ostensible adults end up looking like fools, fighting each other over a trash can, or snatching a souvenir away from a child. But last night in Oakland, two A’s fans proved that a scrum over a foul ball can end with smiles.

In the bottom of the eighth inning, Coco Crisp popped a foul ball that landed in the crevice between the stands and the tarp. One man, armed with a glove and a very dope hat, went after the ball. Another man, holding a half-drunk beer, came in from the opposite direction. When the two emerged from battle, each had a prize (mobile users click here for video):

Hat Dude was not quick enough to get his hands on that ball, but he did manage to snatch away his adversary’s beer, and you have to admire that hustle. Even the guy who lost his beverage couldn’t help but laugh as Hat Dude took a triumphant swig. These are good fans.

h/t Kalen