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The 2013 World Fencing Championships will be kicking off in Budapest on August 5, and the organizers of the event have come up with a creative way to get fans excited about this year's competition: crazy-ass posters!

The picture you see above is a result of the "Just Like in the Movies" poster campaign, which sees various fencers' faces Photoshopped into posters for movies that feature lots of sword fights and karate and other cool shit. This one is my favorite:


OK, this one is pretty great, too:

You can see the rest of the posters here, and you can even submit your own poster.

Also, the organizers put together this wonderful trailer for the event, which is full of sword fights and karate and other cool shit:

If you are not completely hyped about fencing right now, then I don't know what the hell is wrong with you, man.


h/t @StuLieberman

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