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These Dumbass Robots In Sweaters Are Terrible At Skiing

Just an hour outside of Pyeongchang, scientists and students unleashed a small group of robot minions onto the slopes, much to the delight of the gathered populace. These bloodthirsty, unfeeling menaces may be able to turn a bit, but thankfully, they are horrible at skiing:

Eight robots competed to be the best skiing robot at the aptly named “Edge of Robot: Ski Robot Challenge,” and if you’re worried that your future overlords aren’t very cozy, don’t worry. They have names like Diana and Alexi (Alexi is the big fucker at 1:06 who immediately breaks upon starting the course). It’s only a matter of time before these bots improve at skiing to the point that they can hunt and kill a human being in wintery climes, but for now we can laugh at them for totally sucking ass.


It’s too bad that these morons can’t feel pain, because I want to chuck them off a cliff.

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