Photo: Frank Augstein (AP)

We’re all aware of what a thrilling, last-second, game-winning touchdown can do American football fans, but I submit that nothing can make a sports fan lose his or her mind quite like a stoppage-time winner in soccer. It’s such a rare thing, such an unexpected thing—you dare not even hope for it!—that you can’t blame anyone for going absolutely crazy after seeing one.

That’s exactly what Spurs fans all over the world did last night, after they watched their team overcome a 3-0 aggregate deficit with three second-half goals to defeat Ajax. The last of those goals, a Lucas Moura strike into the corner, came in the 96th minute. Let’s take a look at what that goal did to all the blokes and lads.

We’ll start with my favorite clip, which begins with an elated Spurs fan just straight up headbutting a doorframe and ends with another squaring up to fight with what appears to be an Arsenal fan:

The noises coming out of this man are genuinely concerning:


This one comes with a dose of body positivity:

It’s always satisfying to celebrate with your rowdy sons:


Some extremely good acrobatics on display here:

I really wish I could have been in this bar:


This guy just dumped a damn beer on his head!

“Look at the bastards!”


This dude seems.... mad?

Truly the best way to celebrate a victory is to attack your friends:


Congrats to all the lads!