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I’ll maintain that, given the amount of long-term punishment these shirts have all taken, they remain in perfectly acceptable shape. Every one of the Michigan student section shirts appraised for this episode of Antiques Shitshow has survived sweaty pregames, freezing-cold waits in line, and the elements that punish every person that dares spend five hours a week outside with 100,000 people in Michigan in autumn; most recently, they’ve endured two years of mustiness in a forgotten dresser drawer in my parents’ house. Through all that adversity these shirts remain, in my estimation, items worthy of purchase.

The host of this show, my co-worker Dom Cosentino, was not very sympathetic to these claims. Displaying a complete disrespect for Michigan athletic history, the color yellow, and manners as a general concept, Dom brutally shut down my more-than-generous attempt to sell him my old gross t-shirts at a fair price. Now you get to watch it.

I also need to note that, after filming was over, David Roth excitedly dug through my box of shirts and ended up taking home the one with all the faces on it. At least someone around here has good taste.

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