These Minor League Baseball Team Name Nominees Sound Like Bathroom Euphemisms

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A minor league baseball team in Amarillo, Texas is selecting a new name among five candidates. Local news outlet noted that the choices “all sound like the makings of a popular country song.” Yes, but only if that song were about doing a doo-doo, because that’s what these options call to mind. These are the five possibilities:

Amarillo Boot Scooters

That “oo” assonance isn’t helping.

Amarillo Bronc Busters

These people are going to go to the toilet.

Amarillo Jerky

Okay, there is one exception on the list: a tribute to dried meat.

Amarillo Long Haulers

But we’re right back on track now with an arduous poo.

Amarillo Sod Poodles

The final choice, which evokes the product more than the act, draws on a pioneer nickname for prairie dogs—animals that famously supplied their own euphemism for an urgent bathroom trip.

Fan voting is open until June 13. There is no write-in option.