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They Were The Games That Never End, Yes They Went On And On My Friend

Omigod, We're Gonna Be Here Forever. It's now time to discuss universal differences between men and their girlfriends regarding extra innings. When the game spills into the 10th inning, guys are usually excited that they are watching extra baseball for free. The girlfriends, meanwhile, are just ticked off that they don't get to go home yet. "I'm cold, I'm tired, and this is stupid." So the guy usually has to play the guessing game: "Okay, baby, if they don't score this inning, then we'll go home." If anyone did that last night at the New York Mets-Houston Astros game, then little sex was had, as it took 17 innings for New York to break out of that 3-3 tie to win 5-3.

Here Too. New York's other beloved team found themselves in a lengthy struggle to not have each team end up with equal runs. The Yankees and Los Angeles Angels were stuck in a 1-1 game until the 13th. Yankees first baseman Miguel Cairo first bobbled a ground ball, then threw it halfway between first and home. Problem is, it's best to throw it toward first base, seeing as how that's how one forces out the baserunner. Cairo was charged with two errors — one because Jose Molina was safe and Howie Kendrick scored, and another one just to make him feel bad. The Angels won 2-1.


Detroit's Safe Late At Night, Right? When the Mets, Yankees, and Red Sox all endure extra inning games, that basically pisses off the entire mainstream media. The Detroit Tigers needed four bonus innings for Pudge Rodriguez's double to score Gary Sheffield and go home tired but happy (similar to the Walk of Shame) by the score of 3-2.

If I Yell At The Ump, It Will Make Me Feel Better About Myself. David Wells threw 44 pitches, 30 of those being strikes. Impressive. But the hefty lefty was extremely sure that he threw 31 for strikes. "Thirty-one, I tell you, you garbage eater!" Wells probably yelled exactly that line to home plate umpire Ed Hickox, or something equally G-rated, getting him tossed from the game. Since this happened in the fourth inning, it put quite a strain on his bullpen, but they had his back. His large, carbohydrate-laden back. [Shudder] The San Diego Padres beat the Atlanta Braves 8-5.

Just Merge The Two And Become The Kansas Bay Devil Royals. Why on earth would I mention a Kansas City Royals and Tampa Bay Devil Rays game? No good reason, except that I had to mention three big market team games, and felt like giving something back to the forgotten people. In a battle of which team's bullpen could blow it more, the Rays' pen gave up the lead in the 8th, then the win in the 9th. The Royals won 8-7.

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