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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Are bragging rights in your fantasy football league a big deal? Try Yahoo's Mayoral Face-Off, in which 12 mayors from around the country finally decide once and for all, which is America's greatest city: Sacramento or Buffalo!


Besides those two fine metropolises, the mayors of Green Bay, Oakland, Orlando, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Tampa, Oklahoma City, Pittsburgh, San Francisco and one to be named later will go head-to-head with $15,000 going to the local sports program of the winner, with another $15,000 to the town with the greatest fan support.

Is anyone shocked that most of the mayors have no idea what they're doing?

[OKC Mayor Mick] Cornett, who was a sports broadcaster before running for city council, said he has played more fantasy baseball than fantasy football, but he plays against his wife, kids and the family dog in a fantasy football league each year.

"I'm a four-time champion of the Cornett Family Football League," Cornett said.

Cornett will turn to his 30-year-old son, Michael, to help him run the team.

Meanwhile in Tampa, Mayor Pam Iorio is planning to take as many Bucs as possible for her team. So you might as well count her out.

The scoring looks pretty standard, except only one point is deducted per interception, rather than the usual two. That's good news for Oakland Mayor Ron Dellums, should he decide to take JaMarcus Russell.


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