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Thirsty-Ass Browns Rookie Gets His Thirst Quenched With Dick Pics

Here's a story about a Browns rookie, a reader's lovely wife, and the thirst. Use this as a teaching moment.

Terrance West, a running back for Cleveland, somehow found the Instagram account of reader Hunter's wife. Her profile clearly states that she is married and has kids. That didn't matter to West. He liked a bunch of her photos and left a comment with his phone number in it.


According to Hunter, he and his wife live near D.C. The Browns are playing a preseason game against the Skins on August 18 at FedExField. Hmmm.


It was clear that Terrance West had been overcome by the thirst.

Hunter was informed of the thirstiness happening on his wife's Instagram and took the opportunity to deal with it. He gave West's number to his male friends, who said they submitted photos of their butts, chests, and wangs. Yeah, wangs.


There's more. West has—or had—a girlfriend. They took many photos together. She went to his preseason game against the Lions last weekend. Oh, and they had each other's names tattooed on their body.


At some point, West blocked Hunter's wife, protected his Instagram, and deleted his messages. On Tuesday, Hunter informed West's girlfriend of what he did, and she said they were no longer together.


The league should have educated West about this at the rookie symposium. Or maybe he could've not been so damn thirsty.

Top photo: AP

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