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The collision between Mets outfielders Carlos Beltran and Mike Cameron left Beltran bruised, Cameron in the hospital and fans pretty much just terrified.

Mets blogger Jason Fry, on his Fear and Faith in Flushing, writes about the incident and trying to explain it to his young son.

After the sixth time Joshua said, sensing I was getting weary of this, "I'm just worried about the Mets who got hurt."

"So am I," I said. "It'll be OK."

"Daddy," he added after a moment, sounding oddly determined. "I don't want you to do something where you could get badly hurt."

I started to tell him that I wasn't ever going to intentionally do anything where I could get badly hurt, but that accidents happen sometimes. Then I stopped. It wasn't the time for that.

"I won't," I said.

Thirteen Minutes [Fear and Faith in Flushing]