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This Ain't Over

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Don't be confused everyone, it's me, Unsilent Majority. I'm filling in tonight because Will was delayed in his travels or he just doesn't love you anymore...the text message wasn't entirely clear on that matter.

Those wacky Red Sox bastards just won't go away. Cleveland carried a 3-1 lead into their home field with their ace on the mound but they were immediately sent reeling by a first inning blast off the bat of Kevin Youkilis. The intimidation emanating from his fearsome goatie and semitic good looks proved too much for the Indians to handle. Oh and then there was Josh Beckett. He started off on shaky ground following his ex-girlfriend's pre-game performance but quickly hit his groove en route to a dominating victory. Unfortunately Beckett also has a bad habit of running his damn mouth, this came to a head in the sixth inning when he mouthed off to Kenny Lofton (who would never talk shit). Follow along for my exclusive transcript of the verbal sparring as well the compelling video of Joe Buck analyzing the umpire's ability to break up a bitch-o-rama on the verge of erupting into an all-out slap-fest.

Beckett: Get your dusty ass back to the dugout!
Lofton: Shut the fuck up!
Beckett: You didn't even get paid for that DHL ad!
Lofton: Shut the fuck up or I'm gonna come rip that shit off of your chin!


Video courtesy of Awful Announcing

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