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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Last week's high school football battle between DeSoto County and Bayshore High in Bradenton, Fla., featured a kickoff taken from the receiving team's own 15-yard line. If that sounds ridiculous, just watch the video, which comes to us courtesy WWSB in Sarasota.

This came about late in the first half, after DeSoto scored a touchdown to go up 34-3 and, on the play, drew three personal fouls from the Bayshore defense. That led to the silly kickoff you see above—which, since it was a touchback, resulted in a net loss of five yards.


There's actually more going on here than just the strange circumstance, though. The players aren't even sure how to handle things, and the kickoff was certainly not optimal given the situation. DeSoto County went on to win 41-3.


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