This Donaghy Situation Is Not Likely To Improve

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So here's that video The Sports Feller was talking about in his excellent Tim Donaghy column this weekend, the compilation of rather insane calls in Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Spurs and Suns, reffed by one Tim Donaghy. The point is not necessarily that the video shows definitively that Donaghy was shaving points; the point is that we, suddenly, terrifyingly, have no idea.

Some may believe this scandal isn't as large as it seems, but we have to disagree. Donaghy, who's scheduled to give himself up to the feds as early as today or tomorrow, might very well spill the beans about some other scandals, and if this thing explodes any farther, well, the whole league could be looking at the biggest crisis it has ever faced. (And then some, really.)

Some gambling experts who have analyzed the data believe there's 95 percent likelihood that something untoward was going on in Donaghy's games. We fear, if they look even deeper, they may find even more nefariousness, perhaps some that's even worse. This, friends, is far from over.


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