Your p.m. roundup for Oct. 5, the day an ESPN The Nudie reader pointed out that it "certainly appears that the top of [Alicia Sacramone's] right nipple was omitted." Photo via The Sports Hernia. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


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Running For President, On Empty:

They have just left the Trinity Methodist Church, where Kucinich, who is seeking the Democratic nomination for president, has given a 45-minute speech deriding the then just-begun war in Iraq. Next stop, about five minutes away, is an informal gathering at the home of a supporter, one of the "grassroots activists" Kucinich has organizing his Iowa campaign. But now it is time to eat. Quickly.

Kucinich, entirely invisible from the back seat, moans. "I've got food all over the place down here. Whose car is this?" Amy, the campaign's field manager, chimes in from the back seat. "Don't worry about it. It's a rental. You're the one paying for it." Kucinich begins to speak, but then Amy's cell phone rings. "It's California, they're ready for that conference call." Kucinich gathers up the loose napkins and styrofoam, deposits it in a plastic bag, hands it to another staffer and takes the phone. He still has a sliver of some sort of green goo on the side of his lip. He updates the other line on the campaign's comings and goings in Iowa for about five minutes, then the car revs up and turns back onto the road.

"This is a really nice phone, Amy. Fancy," he says, handing it back to her.

"Thanks. You're paying for that too."

Kucinich sighs and stares vacantly for a moment, as if he is trying to solve a particularly difficult math problem. "Yes. Yes, I suppose I am." [The Mighty Black Table]


This Date In Deadspin History

Oct.5, 2009: Zombie Pat Tillman Would Be Playing For Bill Belichick Now, Peter King Reports



Rex Ryan enters the Hall of Fame: "Jets coach Rex Ryan offered up a little midweek madness, sporting a makeshift Hall of Fame jacket from his alma mater, Southwestern Oklahoma State University, for his news conference today. If anything, the jacket was taken from the Chad Ochocinco Fall 2007 line, but the coach said it was a sign of how big the matchup with Patriots coach Bill Belichick is this weekend." [Boston Globe]

Charlie Pierce on Occupy Wall Street: "What the two of them have found for themselves, here amid the guitars and the drums, and the indistinguishable forms shifting in their sleeping bags against the advancing autumn chill, is a public space for ideas. If the primary criticism of the ongoing demonstrations is that they seem to lack, as a hundred media reports have put it, "a cohesive public message," that is also one of their great strengths. This is a very loud and clear yawp against the irresponsible use of power by unaccountable institutions, including, increasingly, the government itself. The protests here are omni-directional. They appear inchoate because their target is so diffuse - an accelerating sense in the country that there is no pea under any of the shells, that the red Jack is not in the deck, that the wealth of the country is being swindled and gambled and frittered away by so many people in so many ways that to sharpen the focus on one of the long cons is to let a dozen others reach fruition. This is a protest about declining wages and corporate greed, about baroque financial schemes and the unfathomable fine print on the back of your credit-card statement, about a grand critique of mutated capitalism and outrage at the simple tragedy of foreclosure fraud." [Esquire]


Marcus Camby cleared of weed charges: ""For the record, Marcus Camby did not get charged with a crime and Marcus Camby did not possess any marijuana," Randall Novak, Camby's Houston-based attorney, said." [The Oregonian]

Canadian rugby team dancing interlude:

Etan Thomas assumes the owners' perspective: "The fans will always side with us no matter what the facts are. They don't see us as greedy; they see the players as greedy. They don't see us as being unreasonable; they see the players as being unreasonable. Their anger will turn directly toward the players once they no longer have basketball in their living rooms." [ESPN]


Ryan Kesler, Hope Solo's nudie issue co-star, is getting laughed at: ""I think everybody has seen it by now," defenceman Kevin Bieksa said. "It's on the wallpaper on one of the computers in the (players') lounge, so it's out there now. I don't think he is ever going to live this one down."" []

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