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This Evening: Logan Morrison, Intentional Dong

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Your p.m. roundup for Oct. 14, the day the hipster cop came to save the day. Photo via Twitter. And yes, he knew we would post this. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

Illustration for article titled This Evening: Logan Morrison, Intentional Dong

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What happens when your email gets hacked: "Even in these real circumstances, we realized that with enough persistent effort she could have eventually rewoven parts of the missing fabric. Her mother still had some of the messages Deb had sent about her father, I had some of what she'd written and done in China; bit by bit she might get some things back. For the moment, all we could do was clean up some of the traces of the attack that remained in her account-the command to forward all incoming messages to DebbFallows, the bogus e‑mail address and phone numbers for the password-recovery routines-and fill out another form on the Google help site, this one to request an automated recovery of deleted e‑mail." [The Atlantic]

This Date In Deadspin History

Oct. 14, 2007: My, That Looks Like A Delicious Sandwich



A day with Denard Robinson, though there was nothing about this: After undergoing a dozen various treatments, by 9:40 a.m., Robinson hopped back in Gardner's parents' pickup truck and drove up State Street to grab his roommate for their 10:00 class, ‘Crime, Race and the Law.' The first-floor apartment was modest, but bright, clean and neat. ‘That's because we're never here!' Gardner said. The two dashed to the Dennison Building and snuck into the classroom three minutes after the 10:10 start. Robinson found an empty seat against the right wall of the packed classroom. Gardner sat in the middle among the other students, or ‘normies,' as the players called them. [Wall Street Journal]


A Skeets jawn:
Every ball fan
Down in Fan-ville
Liked Christmas a lot …

But The Commish,
Who lived in New York,
Absolutely did not!

The Commish hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why - could be religious reasons.
It could also be that his head wasn't screwed on tight.
It could be, perhaps, that he just likes a fight.
But I think that the most likely reason of all
May have been that he hated NBA basketball. [The Basketball Jones]


Your "Buy Tasmanian" Commercial Interlude:

Katie Baker's compilation of Eli Manning, the prankster: "There certainly are some sociopathic-seeming tendencies to Eli's evil doing. Namely: Far from seeking instant credit for his work, he seems perfectly happy to let his victims languish in psychological uncertainty. When Michael Lewis wrote a New York Times Magazine feature on Eli in 2004, he noted that when Eli's father, Archie Manning, visited Eli in college, he would often go around tidying up his apartment. ‘What Eli would do, just for kicks, is quietly follow his dad around the place and reverse the process. Dropping the same magazines back onto the floor, messing up the same papers, etc … his dad would clean the same magazines two or three times before finally noticing that he'd already done it.' (You can't blame Cooper Manning for treading lightly whenever he's around his kid brother: ‘You kind of look at your toothbrush every morning and think, 'Okay, what did they do with this?'' he said in 2007." [Grantland]


LOLJets: "Jets veteran right guard Brandon Moore said Friday he tired of receiver Santonio Holmes running his mouth and he's appalled that someone who's been named captain would have the audacity to say the things he's said. ‘It's disrespectful,'' Moore said. ‘Guys work hard. To put your teammates out to dry, guys you work with every day so on Sundays you can have productive day, that's not really being a leader. That's not being a captain. But apparently he's allowed to say whatever he wants to around here now. Apparently someone around here told him that it's OK to do that because he keeps doing it.'' [New York Post]

What did you expect him to say?: "Henry was upset that 'team sources' were involved in the story. ‘If it's someone with the team, and that's what it says in the newspaper, then I'm very upset about it,' he told the radio station. ‘It's reprehensible that it was written about in the first place.' At his farewell press conference, Francona said he didn't feel like he had the full support of ownership, which had a couple of option years on his contract but did not pick them up before or during the season. Henry, who added that both option years would have had to be picked up at once, addressed why those options weren't exercised." [ESPN]


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