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This Evening: Mark Cuban On Karaoke, Singing "Purple Rain"

Your p.m. roundup for Oct. 25, the day we learned how to bullshit our way through anything. H/T to Adam for video of Cuban singing, which can also be seen at Sweater Punch. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


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Who is Mitt Romney?: "But what separates Romney's plan from Obama's—and gives some clues about his potential presidency—is its almost-accidental origin. Romney did not begin with a philosophical quest to improve American health care. He began with the idea of himself as a problem solver and asked those around him for a problem that he might usefully solve. I remembered, when I was told this story, an anecdote I'd heard from a former political staffer of Romney's. On even basic philosophical questions like abortion, the staffer said, Romney did not try to resolve the question in the abstract, as a matter of principle, and would consider instead various hypothetical cases-for instance, a late-term abortion-and build from them a politics. The line that Romney is a flip-flopper may vastly understate the depth of the condition." [New York]


This Date In Deadspin History

Oct. 25, 2010: Here's Audio Of That ESPNU Reporter Getting Pranked And Wrecking Her Hotel Room



Could the NCAA keep UConn out of the tourney?: "According to USA Today, Emmert said the NCAA Board of Directors will vote Friday on a plan to bar schools from the next tournament if their Academic Progress Rate is below 900. UConn's APR last spring was 893, and even though school officials say there was significant improvement since then, there would be no way for UConn to get to 900 for this year. UConn President Susan Herbst is a strong supporter of higher academic requirements, but she told the Courant that schools need time to be in position to meet them." [Hartford Courant]


The Book of Tebow: "Whenever I catch one of Tebow's games, I tend to lose sight of the scoreboard and just focus on the metacompetition, the weird Joan of Arc drama that seems to go along with everything he does. I imagine a bar under a train station somewhere where the relevant ideas men gather to learn their fates. Did a receiver drop a pass? James Dobson just choked on a nacho. Did Tim throw an interception? Daniel Dennett just chest-bumped Richard Dawkins. Again, I realize that this is stupid, that it's beyond stupid, but compared to actually watching the Broncos? It'll do." [Grantland]

Columbia's new gym: "Columbia University broke ground on a bold new sports complex in northern Manhattan recently. The design, by New York starchitect Steven Holl, riffs off of football and basketball diagrams, turning the cryptic stuff of a coach's playbook into boxy volumes, terraces, and zig-zagging stairwells." [Fast Company Design]


Your Georgian Beer Commercial Interlude:

When Rex Ryan was Kenny Powers "But a true champion, face to face with his darkest hour, will do whatever it takes to rise above. A man fights, and fights, and then fights some more. Because surrender is death, and death is for pussies." [Kissing Suzy Kolber]


The shit has hit the fan for ol' poop hands: "It's been a tough month for Vikings wide receiver Bernard Berrian. He got into a Twitter spat with Minnesota state legislator and wounded war vet John Kreisel (and that led to this), he was inactive for two of the team's next three games, and Tuesday, he was released. Berrian met with head coach Leslie Frazier Monday to discuss his future, and said that he wanted to remain with the organization, pointing to the pay cut he took this offseason as proof. That said, he admitted to having ‘no idea' about the team's plans for him. Also on Monday, Frazier was noncommittal when asked about Berrian's role in Minnesota going forward." [CBS Sports]


The Doctor's got to sell his stuff: "Times are tough for business owners both big and small in 2011, and Basketball Hall of Famer Julius Erving is no exception. The former Philadelphia 76ers legend is being sued for nearly a quarter of a million dollars after an investment in a golf club went belly-up." [Ball Don't Lie]

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