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This Evening: Steve Young Getting A Haircut Counts As A Party At BYU

Your p.m. roundup for Sept. 1, the day we discovered liquid astronaut breath. Photo via @SI_Vault. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.


What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): College football! And it counts! UNLV-Wisconsin is on ESPN, and Mississippi State-Memphis is on FOX Sports Net. Both begin at 8. MLB Network has Yankees-Red Sox (imagine!) or Nationals-Braves at 7. NFL Network has Colts-Bengals at 7 and Broncos-Seahawks at 10. And ESPN2 has U.S. Open tennis at 7.

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Literary types, playing sports: "Whether it's because of the jocks vs. brains dichotomy or the idea that literary folks are fragile artists, we're always surprised to find out that a renowned author also excelled as an athlete. That, perhaps, is why we were so intrigued when the archivists at How to Be a Retronaut posted a photo of none other than Agatha Christie snuggling up to a surfboard. Out of curiosity, we started Googling to see which of our other favorite authors have been caught on film playing a sport." [Flavorwire]


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Sept. 1, 2005: The Oldest Batboy In Captivity


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The bid that might save the Dodgers: "The bid is headed by Los Angeles Marathon founder Bill Burke and funded in part by Chinese investors, according to a letter sent to McCourt on Tuesday. The letter was disclosed to The Times by two people familiar with its content but not authorized to discuss it publicly. The proposed sale price would set a record for a Major League Baseball team." [Los Angeles Times]


Wait, Tie Domi's kid is wearing Bobby Clarke's old number? What's happening to hockey?: "'I don't know him but a few years ago, I watched a show on TV about him and how he managed to play hockey despite having Type I diabetes.'Domi has diabetes too. He was diagnosed five years ago. ‘You have to live a healthy lifestyle, eat healthy and monitor it, but it's never been an issue for me,' he said." [London Free Press]

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Some local craft beer would be nice: "So, I was encouraged and even a bit enthusiastic when the San Diego Chargers recently announced they are rolling out a team-associated cabernet sauvignon. Until I heard the details. Despite my devotion to craft beer, I appreciate good wine and have made many a pilgrimage to Napa, Sonoma and Paso Robles, but it makes absolutely zero sense that the Chargers have made that long trip to procure Napa grapes for their "special" wine when there is plenty of viable fruit right in San Diego County as well as the nearby wine valley of Temecula. It's like a grip-and-twist of the face-mask to local vintners. Where's the hometown pride?" [San Diego Reader]


Your Moroccan Iced Tea Commercial Interlude:

There's no place like the Palestra, so this is bad news for Philly hoops: "For the first time since the Big 5 was formed, Saint Joseph's will play its game with Villanova on its campus at Hagan Arena. The game is scheduled for Saturday, Dec. 17. Though the date has not been set, St. Joe's also will play Temple at Hagan this season in the school's annual home and home." [Philadelphia Daily News]


This is worth revisiting: Just because. [Slate]

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