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John Lee Anderson on the last days of Muammar Qaddafi: "The rebels had ransacked the wardrobes, and piles of clothes lay on the floor. I saw a man emerge from a room in a black silk robe and declare, ‘I am Qaddafi, King of Africa!' Indeed, trophies of the old order became fashionable around Tripoli. One evening, I saw a rebel soldier manning a roadblock with a gold-plated Kalashnikov, one of several such weapons found in Qaddafi's residence. During a rally in Green Square, the center of protests in Tripoli, a fighter danced up next to me wearing a leopard skin, lined with green satin. He said it had come from Qaddafi's closet, and guessed it had been a gift from a visiting witch doctor. It was an article of faith among the rebels that Qaddafi had regularly used magic to prop up his long reign. What other explanation could there be?" [New Yorker]


This Date In Deadspin History

Oct. 31, 2010: Despite Chris From Austin's Victory, People Still Sent Favre/Sterger Costume Pictures All Week



Just $12.5K per character!: "You knew the second you read the tweets from Heat owner Micky Arison Friday that was he going to be forking over a healthy check to the league soon. Those tweets included his response to one fan who accused Arison of being one of the greedy owners ruining the NBA: "Honestly u r barking at the wrong owner." The price tag for that and his mini twitter rant: $500,000, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo. That was the fine from David Stern. [Pro Basketball Talk]

Today in very Long Island promotions: "One lucky fan will get to meet Rosenbaum, winner of Season 7 of ‘The Bachelorette,' and his fiance Ashley Hebert on Sat., Nov. 5 as they attend Islanders-Capitals game. []


A year-long investigation into the treatment of elephants at Ringling Bros.: " showtime Kenny trotted out to the center ring. He developed diarrhea during the morning show. During the afternoon performance, he began bleeding from his bottom and afterward struggled to stay on his feet. It was only then that Gary D. West, a circus veterinarian, arrived from St. Petersburg to examine the young elephant.... Kenny made his third appearance, although he was too weak to perform any stunts. After the evening show, the bleeding continued. The elephant crew gave Kenny rehydration fluids and shackled him in his stall. Less than two hours later, a night attendant discovered his bloodied body on the concrete floor. The cause of death remains unclear. [Mother Jones]

Your Every Murder From Friday The 13th In 7 Minutes Interlude:

Golden Gloves champion in coma after car wreck: "Sosa, who came up just short of making the 2012 Olympics for the United States, was on the Cross Bronx Expressway driving with his sister at about 5:45 on Sunday morning when a pileup occurred. They exited their car to "check on a car ahead of them," according to the Daily News. That's when another vehicle slammed into them, and sent them flying off an overpass, about 75 feet down. They were taken to Jacobi. Jeneffer, the mother of a toddler, died. Pedro, the top-ranked amateur at 141 pounds, wields a dominant left hook and had been ‘barely clinging to life,' the News reported." [ESPN New York]


Citi Field will shrink: "The walls will be uniformly lowered to eight feet, with a new wall of that height being placed in front of the current 15-foot wall in left field, which some people have come to call the Great Wall of Flushing. About 100 seats will be placed in the gap between the walls in a design that would seem to mimic the several rows of seats that now sit atop the Green Monster in left field in Fenway Park. In right-center field, the fences will be moved in so the distance from home plate will be 398 feet instead of 415. And in right field, the gimmicky Mo Zone cutout will be eliminated, which will shorten the distance there to 375 feet. A picnic area will go in the area no longer in play." [NY Times]

Drunk Canucks to be retroactively punished for drunken acts: "In what is called the largest crime spree in Vancouver history, police recommend that 60 people be charged with everything from assault to breaking and entering after the downtown Stanley Cup riot last June.
Police Chief Jim Chu said Monday a forensic video database was used to analyze characteristics of suspects. They asked the Crown to approve 163 charges against 60 people." [AP]

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