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This Fake 30 For 30 About Space Jam Is Actually Kind Of Funny

What if I told you that the greatest basketball player of all time retired in the middle of his prime, and that this retirement involved a trip to Looney Tune Land, where he would compete in the most important basketball game ever played? This is 30 for 30: The Space Jam Game.

We all have fond memories of that game, and now we have a revisiting of the event in a historical context thanks to this mockumentary produced by Yahoo Screen. It's a good reminder that the ending of the game, marked by Michael Jordan's super-human throwdown, has overshadowed some of the darker moments. Like the crippling injuries suffered by the Tunes, or when Foghorn Leghorn was tragically murdered mid-game. Let us all remember the sacrifices made so that Daffy Duck could be here to complain about stuff even today.

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