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The Pistons and Cavs will be tipping off any minute now. I can't be sure of what, but we're about to witness something. I think just about everyone in the universe is rooting for the Cavs, with the exception of hardcore Pistons fans. Everyone either wants to see LeBron win, or wants to see LeBron go against Dwyane Wade in the next round. Understandably so.

That would certainly be good for the game. But in case the Pistons do lose this afternoon, I wanted to mention now that I think they're been good for the game, too. Surely, not everyone enjoyed their defensive style of basketball, but their success and the success of the Spurs has, in my opinion, influenced more teams around the league to play a more team-oriented style of basketball. That's a positive. And I wanted to say it now, because if the Cavs do win, I won't be thinking rationally for another week or so.

Larry Hughes will be back on the court for the Cavs. And should you need anymore pre-game hype, I'll direct you towards Need4Sheed, Detroit Bad Boys, Yay! Sports, or Free Darko. It's game time.