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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

This Fluke Backheel Goal From 35 Yards Out Is Just Hilarious

While you MLS truthers and Eurosnobs were watching soccer last weekend, this absolute gem of a goal happened in the Jordan Premier League.


Al-Wehdat were playing Al-Ramtha, and in the second half, Al-Wehdat's Syrian striker Motaz Salhani was the target of a terrible, terrible pass. It was lofted in to him, but he was surrounded by three men, and the pass was behind his run, almost out of reach. Reflexively, he flailed his right leg behind him, attempting to maybe bring the ball down with the outside of his boot like much, much better players sometimes are able to do. But he missed—and then scored one of the best goals of the season.

The ball caught his heel and then went flying, arcing over his head, the defenders, the keeper who was caught off his line, and into the back of the net. And then Salhani celebrated like he meant it.

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