Where are those three guys going? No one knows for sure, but it's been a lot of fun speculating wildly and laughing at others' predictions, hasn't it?

The NBA off-season has always been a time of outlandish, salacious rumors, and this year's has already turned outlandish, salacious rumor-mongering into a sort of performance art. There are simply too many big names and big teams involved for people not to get stupid over everything. The nadir of all this was, of course, provided by the WWL, and โ€” for once โ€” Chad Ford was nowhere to be seen. It was on a special program that aired last night called the NBA Free Agency Summit. It featured Kornheiser, Wilbon, Le Batard, and the Sports Fella going on and on about where they think people will sign and why. It was 30 of the worst TV watching minutes of my life, and yet, I was enthralled.

I'm a Bulls fan. I've been a Bulls fan since I was 4. I remember each of the championships โ€” '93 is especially vivid for some reason โ€” and admit that I lucked out in terms of my fandom. I'm not asking for your sympathy, but that team was so very bad after that last title. I mean, seriously โ€” Dalibor Bagaric? (Say it soft and it's almost like praying.) Things got gradually better, and then Derrick Rose was gift-wrapped, and then all of a sudden everyone seemed to decide that Chicago was once again the center of the basketball universe. It's been nice.


So when the clock hits 12:01 a.m., the free-agency period will begin, and the Bulls will be there in the middle of everything, hats in hand, Brink's trucks idling nearby. And a few of the best players in the league will actually be listening to a team that not long ago made a concerted push into the free-agent market and wound up with Eddie Robinson.


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